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Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions for new parents & players

  1. Where do I get uniforms and how much will it cost? MCSA will supply each first year recreational player with a T-shirt to wear to games and/or practices.  Parents are responsible for purchasing shin-guards and socks to cover them. The League carries all uniforms for MCSA.  Cost varies each year.  Competitive uniforms are dealt with on a per team basis.
  2. What does my child need to bring to practice? Something to drink, shinguards and appropriately sized soccer ball. 
  3. Are cleats required? No,  At the younger ages many do not wear cleats, although slick conditions can be difficult without them.
  4. Does anybody have used equipment they grew out of or that they no longer need?  We do have a used equipment drop off and pick up at the Benton Fields.    
  5. How and when does my child tryout for a competitive team?  Competitive teams begin at the U9 age level.  Tryouts will be scheduled for June or July and will be annouced on the website and through email to previously registered players.
  6. My daughter just got her ears pierced and they have to stay in for 6 weeks.  Can she play if she covers them with tape? No, the referee on the field will inspect all players for dangerous equipment.
  7. Does the association’s insurance cover practices as well as games? Yes, As long as the player is participating in an event sanctioned by MCSA. 
  8. Where does my registration fee go? The first and largest expense is insurance.  Field maintenance and equipment, Referees, Coaching Education, T-Shirts, and Improvements to the park facilities make up the rest of the fee.  MCSA provides many of the improvements you see at the parks such as catch nets and pavilions.  We are lucky to have such facilites provided by our local county and city governements but MCSA pays much of the maintenance and improvement costs.  MCSA also has over the years purchased all the goals and nets, paint, sprayers and many other items which are needed to keep this opportunity for our kids safe and fun.