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Parents, Coaches, Referees, & Players

Below is the MCSA Code of Conduct.  Please read.  This will be enforced!!!  This is a youth sport and we are role models for the youth who partiticipate and representatives of Marshall County.  Be a positive influence for them.  This will make everyone's experience something to be proud of.

Positive Parenting for Youth Soccer

How To Be a Good Sports Parent
Fixing the crisis in kids’ sports begins at home. Here are some tips from Sports Done Right to get parents started:

  • Encourage your child, regardless of his or her degree of success or level of skill.
  • Ensure a balance in your student athlete’s life, encouraging participation in multiple sports and activities while placing academics first.
  • Emphasize enjoyment, development of skills and team play as the cornerstones of your child’s early sports experiences while reserving serious competition for the varsity level.
  • Leave coaching to coaches and avoid placing too much pressure on your youngster about playing time and performance.
  • Be realistic about your child’s future in sports, recognizing that only a select few earn a college scholarship, compete in the Olympics or sign a professional contract.
  • Be there when your child looks to the sidelines for a positive role model.

Teaching Kids to be Good Sports

Dr. Darrell Burnett explores how you can teach your athlete to be a good sport in his informative article "Teaching Kids to be Good Sports". He creates a checklist for kids and describes each item with excellent points for parents on how to work with their athlete. His check list includes:
Sportsmanship Checklist for Kids
  1. I abide by the rules of the game.
  2. I try to avoid arguments.
  3. I share in the responsibilities of the team.
  4. I give everyone a chance to play according to the rules.
  5. I always play fair.
  6. I follow the directions of the coach.
  7. I respect the other team's effort.
  8. I offer encouragement to my teammates.
  9. I accept the judgment calls of the game officials.
  10. I end the game smoothly.

Sportsmanship is the ability to:

  • Win without gloating
  • Lose without complaining
  • Treat your opponent with respect.

Sportsmanship Tips:

If you make a mistake, don't pout or make excuses
Learn from it, and be ready to continue to play.
If a teammate makes a mistake, offer encouragement, not criticism.
If you win, don't rub it in. If you lose, don't make excuses.

To read the article, click on the link: Teaching Kids to be Good Sports.  Better still, read the article and print out the checklist and start teaching your player to be a good sport!

The Parent's Guide: An Introduction to Youth Soccer

US Youth Soccer has launched an interactive online tool to assist parents as they support their youth athlete. Designed for parents in the game of soccer to aid their efforts in growing the spirit without limiting the child, The Parent’s Guide – An Introduction to Youth Soccer is an online self- exploratory exercise in enhancing the experiences of players and their families. The Parents Guide is an overview of best practices and philosophy, answering questions ranging from 'How to be supportive soccer parents' and 'How to meet your child’s needs' to ‘The ride home’ as well as ‘Dealing with your child’s coach.’ After successful completion of the course parents can personalize the certificate of completion with their name

To take the online course and to earn you certificate, click here!

Positive Parenting for Youth Soccer DVD

Creating a Supportive Environment for Young Athletes
The US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Department has created this view from the sidelines in an effort to create a positive learning environment for young soccer players. This presentation provides a unique blend of psychology/philosophy and interviews with children of various ages. This video provides insight on:

  • Why children play
  • Teaching sportsmanship by example
  • Supporting coaches and other volunteers
  • Developing vs. winning
  • Listening- what you don’t hear speaks volumes!
  • Keeping it all in perspective
$2.00 Online at USYouthSoccer.org


Because we feel that the parent's involvement in their child's soccer experience is so important, we maintain a special section of our website to help parents learn more about Positive Parenting.

The information online within the section aims to help you be a better soccer mom or dad - because we are sure you want to do all you can to insure a positive soccer experience for your child.

To visit Positive Parenting, click here!
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